My Edits

I did look into uploading my videos straight to the site but it seems like that would be slow, too difficult for me currently and take up too much storage. At the moment the only way I can get it to work is through embeding them. Enjoy!

Yaz and thirteen, I don't wanna leave

My most viewed edit. You might notice a theme with these videos... I am a big Yaz fan. This one was a little bit of an experiment in terms of colourgrading and although there's a few visual issues it didn't end up looking too bad.

Queer Women of Doctor Who, Bunny is a rider

A tribute to some of the many queer characters of the wonderful world of Doctor Who

Doctor Who Flux Tribute, Dynasties and Dystopia

Initially created as a tribute to series 13 of Doctor Who, this edit turned into somewhat of a Vinder themed edit

Yaz and Thirteen, Strong enough to let you in

An edit about all of the things that Yaz and the Thirteenth Doctor have not told each other.

Yaz and Thirteen, Everything Matters

This edit is based on some of the many parallels between the story of Yaz/Thirteen and the many other couples they encountered during their time on the show.

Colaborative edits

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